10 PHILIPPINE road trip DESTINATIONS: From Manila, Cebu, and More!

10 PHILIPPINE road trip DESTINATIONS: From Manila, Cebu, and More!

Rainy days are here again!

You know what that means: the weather is much more unpredictable. but you ought to never let less sunshiny skies rain on your parade. The rainy season is when Vins and I love going on road trips with our friends!

This post is brought to you by Pepsi.[/caption] For budget travelers like us, the rainy season is a great time to explore. Some destinations are much better during this time: waterfalls are grander, beaches are less crowded, and wildlife is much more alive! the best part: It’s off season! hotel and resort stays are much cheaper!

Don’t let the season stop you from exploring! We’ve asked some of our travel blogger friends for some of their road trip route recommendations and we’ll be sharing that in this post.

But before that, some essential suggestions to turn your road trip into an awesome journey by making sure you get your money’s worth.

The more, the merrier, the cheaper. You get the full experience when the barkada is complete! It’s also a lot less expensive because you get to split the costs of everything. In general, the cost of family rooms and dorm rooms divided among the group is lower than a double room. At restaurants, “for sharing” meals split among the group costs much less than individual orders.

Ask for the hotel’s policy on extra beds. many hotels allow extra beds for a minimum fee! You can take advantage of this to save on hotel expenses.

Buy food, drinks, and toiletries before leaving. They are typically much more expensive if you purchase at the resort or hotel. You’ll save a great deal if you bring your own provision.

Watch out for potential savings! even small discounts matter. They add up over time. Hotel-booking sites often offer deals like totally free breakfast during off-season. Take it! When it concerns drinks, a road trip won’t be the same without Pepsi. choose a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi, which costs only P38! That’s a P10 drop from its typical price and much lower than other brands. Every peso your barkada saves collectively can be used to fund other activities along the way!

Buy in bulk! It will help bring down cost. instead of purchasing individual sunscreens, just purchase a big one and share. get 1.5L bottles of Pepsi and just pour into your own reusable cups! It’s much more sulit that way.

Without even more ado, here are some recommended road trip itineraries, as picked by travel bloggers! The first seven can be done from Manila.


BATANGAS beaches road trip ITINERARY
ZAMBALES beaches road trip ITINERARY
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Perfect for residents of: Manila, southern Luzon

When it concerns road trips, no one is much more reputable in the Philippine blogosphere than Kara Santos of Travel-up. Her pick: Manila to Sorsogon. It’s one of the much more popular road trip routes in the country. You can adjust your schedule depending on the number of stops and how much time you want to spend in each place. The suggestion below is a very unwinded itinerary, where you can still spend some quality time in the major stops (Quezon, Naga City & Sorsogon).

Day 1: Manila to Quezon (passing the Laguna backroads)
Scenic drive through Laguna backroads, stopover at Pililla Windmills
Lunch in the Pagsanjan area; drive to Lucban
Check into Batis Aramin resort in Lucban, Quezon
Kamay ni Hesus (optional)

Day 2: Quezon to Naga City
Drive from Lucban, Quezon to Naga City, Camarines Sur
Pass the Old Zigzag Road
Stopover photo ops at Gumaca
Arrive in Naga City
Check in to chosen hotel
Food trip / dinner at Bob Marlin’s/ Coffee at travel Cafe
Camsur WaterPark (optional)

Day 3: Naga to Sorsogon
Drive from Naga City to Sorsogon
For a much more beautiful route, pass the Tiwi-Sangay road instead of the highway
Stop for DJC Halo-Halo
Lunch somewhere in Legazpi City
Continue Driving to Sorsogon City
Check into chosen hotel in Sorsogon

TIP: You can cut this road trip to two (or even one day) if you leave really early on the first day and make minimal stops, but this can be very tiring.

More about Bicol road trips here.

BATANGAS beaches road trip ITINERARY

Perfect for residents of: Manila, Batangas, southern Luzon

My personal pick is Batangas. I’m biased, of course, because I was born and raised here. It is a blessed land. It cradles a broad range of diverse landscapes — a beautiful lake, spectacular diving sites, breathtaking rivers, fertile farm lands, captivating mountains, and a volcano.

But what many people love about Batangas is its beaches! This route will take you to some of the province’s many spectacular ivory coasts!

Suggested Route:

Day 1: Lipa City to Laiya
Drive to Lipa City for a quick lunch
Head to your resort in Laiya in San Juan, where you will spend the night
Hit the beach

Day 2: Laiya to Malabrigo to Anilao
Visit Malabrigo Beach
Climb to Malabrigo Lighthouse
Lunch in Batangas City
Drive to Anilao and check-in
Hit the pool

Day 3: Tingloy Island-Hopping
From Anilao, go island-hopping (Sombrero Island, Oscar Beach, Masasa Beach)
Check out


Perfect for residents of: Baguio, Manila, northern Luzon, central Luzon

For Senyorita Micaela Rodriguez, the answer is certainly Pangasinan and La Union. Her beloved hometown has a lot to offer to exhausted and weary city souls.  This trip takes you from Bolinao in Pangasinan to the trendy Urbiztondo beach in La Union, making a stop at the Hundred Islands along the way.

It’s a great long weekend schedule not just for Manila-residents but even much more for those in northern and central Luzon!

Mica’s suggested long weekend schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Bolinao
Arrival in Pangasinan
Visit Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Visit St. James Church
Visit Patar beach and view sunset

Day 2: Bolinao to Alaminos
Check out
Drive to Alaminos and check in
Visit Hundred Islands Park

Day 3: Alaminos to Urbiztondo
Check out and drive to San Juan, La Union
Check in at hotel/resort
Laze/surf at Urbiztondo beach

Day 4 – Tangadan Falls
Visit Tangadan Falls
Check out

ZAMBALES beaches road trip ITINERARY

Perfect for residents of: Manila, central Luzon

Ada Wilkinson of travel in Boots recommends Zambales especially to students. “It ought to be on top of their list,” she writes.

Zambales has a lot to offer. Subic remains a good choice. Potipot has always been an open secret. Lately, San Narciso and Liwliwa in San Felipe are also starting to get noticed! and although San Antonio’s ashen coves like Anawangin and Nagsasa are inaccessible for land vehicles, visitors can easily park their cars in Pundaquit and return after a day trip.

Suggested Route:

Day 1: San Antonio Coves
Drive to Pundaquit.
Park your car and hop onto a boat to the coves.
Visit Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and stay overnight

Day 2: San Felipe or San Narciso
Go back to Pundaquit
Drive to Liwliwa or Crystal Beach
Stay overnight

Day 3: Subic Shopping
Check out!
Drive to Subic


Perfect for residents of: Manila, southern Luzon

Asta Alvarez of WanderGeneration.com champions Laguna in this list! Laguna is one of the provinces we often neglect partly because its edges aren’t laced with pearly beaches. Joke’s on us because paradise isn’t always made of sand and saltwater. much of Laguna is practically untouched, still covered with dense rainforests concealing several spectacular waterfalls. numerous of its historic towns keep numerous pieces of its marvelous past. and its cuisine showcases some of the best of the southern Tagalog region.

Here’s a sample road trip route:

Drive to Rizal Shrine, Calamba
Proceed to Pandin Lake and have lunch on bamboo raft
Check-in at Sulyap Bed and Breakfast
Sulyap Swimming pool & Jacuzzi

Check out and leave for Nagcarlan
Stop at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery
Visit Liliw town (or if you skipped breakfast at Sulyap, have it at chef Mau’s in Liliw)
Trek to Hulugan Falls in Luisiana
Trek to Cavinti Falls (Pueblo El Salvador)
Leave for Caliraya Lake
Check in at Caliraya Springs mountain Lake Resort

Caliraya Lake swimming, biking
Check out, leave for Paete
Paete Tour, shopping, lunch
Leave for Pililla, Rizal
BONUS! Pililla Windmills Stopover


Perfect for residents of: Manila, Baguio, northern Luzon, central Luzon

For Gael Hilotin of The Pinay Solo Backpacker, Ilocos is an old favorite. It has everything one can ever ask for in a destination. rich heritage, check. Irresistible cuisine, check. Beaches, check. In her suggested itinerary, your journey begins in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur, and work your way up to the spectacular municipality of Pagudpud, making stops at some of the region’s many renowned landmarks and many popular attractions!

Day 1: Ilocos Sur
Visit Sta. Maria Church (UNESCO world Heritage Site) and Spanish-era cemetery
Drive to Vigan and explore Calle Crisologo and see Vigan Cathedral
Check-in at hotel
Visit Bantay Church and Bell Tower

Day 2: Laoag, Batac, and Paoay
Drive to Batac and tour
Proceed to Paoay and see Paoay Church
Lunch at Herencia Cafe
Experience Paoay Sand Dunes
Check in at Hotel

Day 3: Pagudpud
Check-in at Hotel
Visit Saud Beach, Kabigan Falls, Patapat Viaduct, Timmangtang rock Formation, Blue Lagoon, etc.


Perfect for residents of: Manila, Rizal, Laguna

Rizal Wind Farm
If you’re based in Manila or nearby provinces and you only have a day to spare, Rizal provides a quick and easy trail! For mountaineers, a trek up Mt. Daraitan awaits. mountain resorts also offer peaceful retreat venues.

But for travel blogger Celine Reyes of Celineism, who is a Rizal local, this this one-day road trip schedule is many suitable for those who crave a quick unwinding getaway:

Suggested Route

Angono Petroglyphs
Lunch at Balaw-balaw
Regina Rica in Tanay
Pililla Windmills
Antipolo Cloud 9 Overlooking Restaurant


Perfect for tourists in and residents of Cebu

Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero.com has went to Cebu numerous times over the past few years, it seems like there’s no stopping him anytime soon. For nature and adventure lovers, South Cebu opens unlimited opportunities to be blown away. Here’s his suggested route:

Day 1: Cebu City – Badian – Moalboal
Drive towards Badian in the morning
Go canyoneering in Matutinao
Have a waterfalls massage in Kawasan Falls
Proceed to Moalboal and find a place along Panagsama Beach.
Swim with the Sardine Run in the in the afternoon
Laze in the White beach for sunset.

Day 2: Moalboal – Samboan – Oslob
Go waterfall hopping!
See Alegria’s Cambais Falls and Samboan’s Dao Falls, Binalayan Falls and Aguinid Falls.
Drive towards Oslob in the afternoon
Get a room at Cancua-ay Beach.
Spend the rest of the afternoon and the sunset in Sumilon Island.

Day 3: Oslob – Boljoon – Dalaguete – Cebu City
Get up early for the sunrise
Drive to the heritage town of Boljoon after breakfast.
Proceed towards Barangay Mantalongon of Dalaguete
See the ragged roofing system of Cebu at Osmeña Peak.
Don’t forget to take home a pack of Carcar’s well-known chicharon on your way back to Cebu City.


Perfect for tourists and residents in general Santos City, Sarangani, South Cotabato

Cold, bright morning at Lake Holon. photo by Gael Hilotin of Pinay Solo Backpacker
“There is this large patch of land in Mindanao that can be every traveler’s haven for adventure and cultural experience,” Louie Pacardo of A Nomad’s perspective shares. “The place is called the Allah Valley, a large landscape covering portions of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat in South central Mindanao region. Here, the picturesque upland town of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is the crowning destination and the rest of the eco-cultural tourism spots are equally amazing.”

In this route that Louie suggests, you’ll get to see not just Lake Sebu but also Lake Holon, hailed the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines for numerous years. and you can also make a few adjustments if you want to continue your journey to Sultan Kudarat.

Day 1: GenSan to Lake Holon
Travel to Tboli (3 hrs to barangay Salacafe + 30min habal-habal to Sitio Kule, take-off point) for Lake Holon trek through the beautiful Kule trail
Overnight camping at Lake Holon

Day 2: Lake Holon to Lake Sebu
From Lake Holon proceed to Lake Sebu (1 hr):
Visit seven Falls
Ride dual zip line
Take the cruise around the lake.

Day 3: Lake Sebu to Alamada
Early morning travel to Alamada (3.5 hrs) for Asik-asik Falls
Travel back to Gensan

Day 4: Back to GenSan
Travel to Glan, Sarangani (1 hr) for the white beaches.
Drive back to gensan
Option 2: travel to Maasim for the paragliding adventure


Perfect for: visitors and residents of Negros Island

Punta Bulata resort in Cauayan, Negros Occidental
Bacolod City is many well-known for three things — sweets, chicken inasal, and Masskara Festival. but there’s much more to the city and the rest of the Negros Occidental province than its food and festivities. Negros Occidental is laced with shores strewn with white sand, its streets flanked with historic buildings, and its islands blessed with rich natural resources. Not to mention that its people are some of the friendliest I have had the honor to meet, making a trip to this jewel of the Visayas an unforgettable experience each time.

For Vins of PhilippineBeaches.org, Negros Occidental is a fantastic road trip destination! Here’s a sample route:

Heritage trip in Talisay and Silay
OR Mambukal mountain Resort
Food trip in Bacolod

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