30 mixed drinks IN 30 DAYS – DAY 25: THE AFTER dinner MINT mixed drink

30 mixed drinks IN 30 DAYS – DAY 25: THE AFTER dinner MINT mixed drink

Day 25 of our 30 mixed drinks in 30 Days Challenge: the After dinner Mint Cocktail.

Remember those bit flat squares of chocolate that, when you bite into them, there’s a strange disinfectant mint goo inside? This is nothing like that.

This mixed drink was one more drink on the menu for the leap year celebration we threw a few years ago. It was so prominent we ran out of cream! It’s that good!

The After dinner Mint‘s a celebration preferred however it’s likewise great as that bit of decadence in your life. It’s smooth, velvety as well as mouth-wateringly chocolaty. So if you aren’t sure what dessert to have or if there’s nothing wonderful in the home for pudding, this is the drink for you.

Or you can have this in addition to a dessert – that’s what Mrs romance would do – as well as I don’t blame her!

How to make the After dinner Mint Cocktail

Here’s what you need:

For each drink

Double determine Bailey’s

Single determine crème de menthe

Double determine of single cream


Block of chocolate to garnish

Champagne bowl.

Cocktail shaker, jigger measure, potato peeler

Here’s what you do:

Pour the Bailey’s, crème de menthe as well as cream over ice into the shaker.

Shake thoroughly to mix the drink.

Strain into the champagne bowl.

Use the peeler to shave slithers of chocolate over the surface of the drink to decorate.

Sit back as well as enjoy!

If you want to make it even chocolatier, you can add a ½ determine of Mozart chocolate cream liqueur. Yum!

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Images by Mrs Romance.

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