Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental: A Back to fundamentals experience

Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental: A Back to fundamentals experience

There was a knock on the door. It was Arvee, a member of the Punta Bulata staff, informing us that the boat had just arrived, prepared to pick us up.

“Are you sure it’s risk-free to go now?” The rain seemed to be getting heavier as well as the waves stronger. Honestly, my two buddies Celine as well as Ronnie as well as I had been having second thoughts. We were not sure whether we wished to take on the downpour as well as the waves to go to Danjugan Island. however we figured that the 4 hours of travel time from Bacolod to Cauayan would be pointless if we selected not to push with with our daytrip. however as it would turn out, we would miss so much had we selected otherwise. Our go to to Danjugan Island was the highlight as well as the most unforgettable part of our Negros Occidental trip.

One of the lagoons of Danjugan Island


Getting to Danjugan Island
Danjugan Island discovering Center
Typhoon beach Camp
Look, Sea Snake!
Snorkeling: An explosion of Color
Lunch at Danjugan Island
Sharks or No Sharks?
Turtle Beach
Time to state Goodbye
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Getting to Danjugan Island

We were welcomed by one of the boatmen, Kuya Allan, as we climb onto the boat. in spite of the endangering waves, Kuya Allan was positive it was risk-free to travel to Danjugan Island. We made ourselves comfortable on the boat as we started our trip to the marine reserve. The boat trip alone would prove to be the most unforgettable. IT WAS INSANE!!! It felt like the sea was playing with us. The waves were powerful as well as many times we believed our boat would capsize. We were screaming most of the time. The boatmen was taking great care of us however they couldn’t assist chuckling at exactly how we reacted to every huge wave that would slap our boat (and many times, our faces).

Soon enough, our fear ended up being enjoyment as well as we began asking for more as well as bigger, stronger waves. The boat trip was like an attraction at a style park. move over Enchanted Kingdom; this was miles much better than anchors Away.

Aside from the waves, one thing that made the boat trip to Danjugan Island extremely unforgettable was the stunning view. It provided us a sneak peek of what was in store for us on the island. We saw pockets of white beaches as well as a number of vibrant birds flying around. We likewise noticed a flying fish that would emerge from the waves, fly a short distance, as well as then dive again. I had seen many flying fish before however this was bright blue with a dash of other colors. That alone made my day.

Danjugan Island discovering Center

After about 15 minutes, we reached Danjugan Island as well as we were excitedly welcomed by Benj Casipe, Island manager as well as Marine Reserve Superintendent at Danjugan Island. Benj was extremely friendly, accommodating as well as incredibly funny — whatever you’d want in your guide. To our surprise, we were the only tourists at the time. The only human beings in the island were us as well as a few island staff. It was like we rented the entire island that day! It was like we had it for a day!

Every tourist who gos to the island needs to go to a short briefing. Benj discussed the history of the island in addition to its amazing, diverse wildlife. He likewise informed us quickly on our itinerary that day.

Typhoon beach Camp

There’s a beach on the island where you’ll discover a few “mud houses.” This is where guests who desire to spend the night on the island stay. They comply with a “back to basics” principle right here so the homes are truly bare.

We visited the location even though we would not be staying overnight. To get here, we took a short boat trip led by Kuya Allan (our boatman) as well as then complied with a bamboo trail. The location was fantastic; it had a fantastic view. From right here we saw the legendary tree (that was threatened to be cut down by former inhabitants up until the island was handled by PRRCFI) as well as the eagles that lived there.

To the Typhoon Beach!
Unfortunately, I was hectic living as much as my “Poor Traveler” name as the rain poured heavier as well as the lens of my camera got as well foggy since of the rain as well as the cold. Also, you may likewise want to apply some Off lotion (or other mosquito-repellent) before going here. 😀

My buddies Ronnie as well as Celine inside a mud house
Hey there, spider!
Look, Sea Snake!

Just before we hop onto the boat, we found a huge sea snake. I had seen sea snakes before however NOT this big. It was hiding under a rock on the shore, moving slowly.

We were supposed to snorkel in the area however fear got the much better of us. We were just as well paranoid understanding that there was a huge sea snake around. national geographic taught me that the venom of sea snakes are method more potent than that of a cobra. national geographic likewise taught me that sea snakes prevent humans as well as prevents difficulty unless provoked. Kuya Allan was stating the exact same thing, motivating us to snorkel however we were just as well scared. From now on, I shall be called “The poultry Traveler.” Cowardice is my middle name.

Can you area the sea snake?
Snorkeling: An explosion of Color

Kuya Allan decided to just take us a bit farther from the shore (where the sea snake was) as well as persuaded us to snorkel there instead. We put on our masks as well as jumped off the boat. as well as WHOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH. It was one of those times when I regretted not having an underwater or even a water-proof cam. The view beneath was just, ah, orgasmic. Fish as well as corals everywhere as well as they were oh-so-bright as well as colorful! I had seen so many bright blue sea stars in Bohol (we called them woman Gaga sea stars) however I had never seen them this huge.

Looking at the reefs was like visual masturbation. It was so inviting, like the marine creatures were inviting me to online with them. There was just an explosion of colors beneath the water surface as well as they were all alive.

We saw a number of giant clams. as well as they were bright blue. We saw blue-and-yellow-striped fish. We saw corals that appeared like they were radiating neon lights. We saw pink this, red that. It was like I even saw colors I didn’t understand existed before.

Lunch at Danjugan Island

After tiring yet worthwhile hours of snorkeling, Benj invited to head back to the shore for lunch. They served squash soup, poultry adobo (but sweeter than the usual), an eggplant meal we didn’t catch the name of, a fish dish, as well as mangoes for dessert. We had always believed we were gluttons however the food was just as well much even for us. The advantages of being the only guests on the island that time.

We left the fish meal almost untouched ‘coz all of us felt a bit uncomfortable having fish for lunch when we just had mingled with vibrant fish minutes before.

Lunch at Danjugan Island!
Sharks or No Sharks?

After the sumptuous meal, it was time for kayaking! Although the island only had four kayaks, each of us was able to get one since we were the only guests. Benj led the method as well as we just complied with him anywhere he went. The water at the lagoon were crystal remove that we might see even the little fish as well as the grayish eels beneath. In the words of Rebecca Black, it was fun fun fun fun fun fun.

Ready to kayak at Moray Lagoon
At one point, Benj taught us exactly how to plant mangroves while sharing more fascinating information about Danjugan.

Benj likewise asked us to go to a location where black tip sharks abounded. At very first we were afraid (as always) however Benj stated that there had been no incidents as well as there wouldn’t be a very first time as long as we won’t provoke them. We got so excited however unfortunately the water was as well shallow (low tide, I dislike you) for the sharks to stay at that time. as well bad.

Anyway, there’s a video of black-tipped sharks published on their official website. right here it is:

Turtle Beach

Later on, Kuya Allan led the method with the dense forest to a beach on the other side of the island called “Turtle Beach.” Obviously, it was so-called since of the turtles frequently seen at the site. Again, unfortunately, they weren’t there. We saw the tracks they left on the sand however not the turtles themselves.

It was totally fine, though, since the beach was gorgeous as well as there was a flock of seagulls (?) flying around the area. There was an islet off Turtle Beach, where seagulls’ nests were.

Through the rich jungle of Danjugan Island
Turtle Beach, where turtles lay eggs
A rock islet close to Turtle beach where seagulls develop nests
Time to state Goodbye

It was heartbreaking to leave Danjugan Island. We hated the concept that we might only stay at the island for so long since we had other products on our itinerary as well as our flight was on the next day. We signed on the island’s Visitor’s Logbook as well as left messages for those who handle the island as well as expressed our gratitude for the wonderful time we had.

We didn’t see the black tips. We didn’t see the turtles. Still, there’s no rejecting that the island is brimming with life. phone call it poor timing. Blame it on the weather. however none of us left that island with a dampened heart. The environment may be bleak that day however the island as well as our spirit stayed vibrant.

Danjugan Island
Philippine Reef as well as Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCI)
Room MK14a, Art District, Lopue’s Mandalagan
Bacolod City 6100, Philippines
Email Address: prrcfi@yahoo.com.ph
Contact Number: +63 34 4416010

How to get there: From Bacolod, take the Ceres Bus to Hinoba-an as well as get off at Brgy. Cartagena in Cauayan (just before you go into Sipalay City). Take a habal-habal to Bulata. If you have booked beforehand, a boat should be waiting on you there to take you to Danjuagan Island. (Since we stayed at Punta Bulata, their personnel just arranged whatever for us.)

For more detailed directions on exactly how to get to Punta Bulata, inspect out this post.

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