numerous years ago, the Swiss developed a single, multifunctional tool that gave their armed forces distinct survival advantages. much like their famed Swiss army Knife, the range of things we’ll be toting at this year’s ProBlogger event will keep us going. We might even be able to help get a stone out of a horse’s hoof.


Conferences are tough, strength-sapping and uncompromising. It’s essential you’re prepared. Here’s what we’ll have with us to survive ProBlogger: our SAS conference kits!

Of course, what a woman carries with her and what a man has with him will be quite different. For starters, Mrs Romance’s ideas were all quite smart and instinctively practical. My initial choices were nonsensical and probably not particularly professional.

Mrs R set me best though, and my hipflask and Lego figures were put on the maybe list and we focused on much more reasonable things for me to take to ProBlogger.

He Said

I’m not a man-bag type of guy; if I can’t fit it in my jacket pockets, it stays behind.

She Said

Why don’t women’s clothes have pockets?

What’s more, he says:

In all seriousness, going to these ProBlogger events is extremely helpful to people who want to improve their blogging skills. This is the second event I’ve been to. meeting and networking with others in the industry is so constructive.

Still, being prepared allows you to keep your concentration up. My list of things to take with me is pretty short but every single element is important to my ProBlogger survival. aside from the Lego man… just kidding.

– jacket – keeps me warm against the air-con and has lots of pockets… sorry, Mrs R. Didn’t imply to rub it in.
– Sunnies – it is Queensland don’t forget.
– company cards – you never know who you might bump into.
– view – I do love my watches!
– purse – duh. There’s a bar in the hotel!
– Mobile and mobile charger – I feel naked without my phone and get panicky when its battery drops below 20%.
– Box of lollies – terrific for slow points in the day and bribery!

And another thing, she says:

I’m really thrilled for the ProBlogger conference. It’s my fourth time and I can’t wait to catch up with some old pals and meet some new ones.

Everyone is writing packing lists so I thought I’d let you know what’s in my bag.

I like to pack light, but I’m so bad at it.

The only way I can pack light is to under-pack. then I always regret not packing something and I don’t have any options. I do like options.

As many of my clothes don’t have pockets, I’m planning on taking a bag. plus you know I always have to carry a few things for Mr R whenever we go out.

My first thought is just to take a small take on bag. You don’t want a grasp bag as you’ll need totally free hands to meet new people, exchange company cards and juggle food at break times.

In my take on bag I’ll pack my essentials:

– Wallet
– company Cards
– Lip balm & lipstick
– Mints
– Phone
– portable phone charger (a must!)
– Sunglasses
– Perfume
– Flyaway tamer (a very useful hair product)
– A snack, to avoid feeling hangry

But to save any trips back up to my room for the rest of my things, I’ll probably take a tote bag. As extra I’ll also pack:

– iPad
– Notepad & pen
– A wrap to keep warm in the air-con
– extra snacks

We’d also like to add a few extras to our lists:

– Compedes – these things are like foot-based miracles.
– Tissues – there’s no room for a sniffle at a conference!

Top Tip 

JJ from 84th&3rdcom:

Take a photo of your company card – make this your locked screen image and if you leave your phone somewhere, people will be able to return it to you straight away! Genius!

If you’re attending a blog conference for the first time, relax. There’s nothing to be nervous about. just smile, breathe and try to take it all in.

Have you been to a blog conference before? Are you going to Problogger?

Images by Mrs Romance.

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