SUBIC travel guide with budget plan schedule

SUBIC travel guide with budget plan schedule

When I spoke with a number of people as well as asked about Subic, what I discovered out was rather astonishing. numerous of them believed that Subic as well as Clark are one as well as the same. So just so we’re clear, Subic as well as Clark are two different areas. I believe the confusion stems from the truth that both have “freeport zones”. Clark Freeport zone (CFZ) is a former us air force base (Clark Air Base), while the Subic Bay Freeport zone (SBFZ) is a former us naval base (Subic Bay Naval Base). Both have been converted to large company as well as entertainment centers.


CLARK flight terminal TO SUBIC BY routine BUS
CLARK flight terminal TO SUBIC BY P2P BUS

HOW TO get around SUBIC as well as OLONGAPO
THINGS TO perform in as well as around SUBICEl Kabayo Subic Trail
Subic Inflatable Island
Wreck Diving as well as Snorkeling
Rich Mangrove Forests
Subic Shopping!
Beaches as well as Resorts
Spectacular Sunsets
Subic Bay Yacht Cruise

WHERE TO stay IN SUBICTop Mid-Range to high-end hotels in Subic
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FREQUENTLY ASKED concerns about SUBICWhen is the very best time to see Subic?
How can I get around Subic Bay Freeport Zone?
How will I understand the precise fare for the taxi trip inside SBFZ?

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Subic is a town in the province of Zambales. found along Subic Bay, the municipality is understood for maritime market as well as logistics as well as warehousing services. The Subic Bay Freeport zone (SBFZ) covers the municipality of Subic as well as city of Olongapo in Zambales as well as the municipalities of Morong as well as Hermosa in Bataan. The conversion of the former U.S. Navy Base to an economic zone bolstered by the area’s industrial as well as industrial piers had catapulted the advancement of the central Luzon region.

The tourism market is likewise one of Subic’s strongest assets. The zone promotes ecotourism with guided treks as well as jungle survival tours. aside from that, it boasts style parks, diving areas (wreck diving), sailing, extreme water sports, as well as experience parks. outlet shops as well as duty-free buying centers likewise draw in tourists, particularly those who like buying as well as discovering excellent deals.

Here are much more things you requirement to understand about Subic:

Language: The province of Zambales has three primary languages — Tagalog, Ilocano, as well as Sambal.

Currency: Philippine peso (PHP, ₱). PHP100 is around USD 1.89, EUR 1.67, SGD 2.56 (as of March 2019).

Modes of payment: money is preferred. credit rating card payments are commonly accepted, particularly in company districts. If you are going outside the metropolitan zones, guarantee that you have an ample amount of money with you.

Connectivity: strong data signal for both wise as well as Globe, particularly in metropolitan areas.

Electricity Info: 220V, 60Hz. Mostly, Socket type A.

Note: This travel guide will touch the municipality of Subic as well as Olongapo City.


There are two gateways to Subic — the Clark worldwide flight terminal as well as the Ninoy Aquino worldwide Airport. The former (CIA), is the closest, found even more northeast of Subic, while the latter (NAIA) is found in Manila.


Subic is typically included in the schedule for road trips up north. North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) as well as Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) link Subic to Metro Manila. Bringing a cars and truck enables you to travel at your own speed as well as make a restroom break stop whenever necessary. Drive along NLEX up until you reach the exit to SCTEX. Take the SCTEX exit as well as continue driving to SBMA.

The travel time is two to four hours, depending upon the web traffic condition.


Victory liner Bus

Whether you are coming from NAIA or any type of point in Metro Manila, travel to success liner Bus Terminal. You can go to Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan terminal. The bus business plies to Olongapo from Manila daily. Bus leaves every 30 minutes. The buses are air-conditioned as well as have wi-fi on board.

Get on a success liner bus bound for Olongapo. The fare is P230-290. The travel time is two to four hours. There’s typically a toilet break halfway.

From Olongapo, you can trip a jeepney or taxi to Subic/SBFZ. The fare varies depending upon your destination as well as selected mode of transportation. note that jeepneys in Olongapo are color-coded per route. You can discover much more info about the jeepneys on the exactly how to get around section below.

Note: If you are costs the night in Subic, you can inspect with your hotel if they have service from Olongapo Bus terminal or Clark.

Alternatively, if you are coming from NAIA, you can take the P2P bus bound for Clark Airport. From Clark airport, you can either take the taxi to success liner Dau-Mabalacat terminal as well as take a bus to Olongapo Bus terminal or you can take one more P2P Bus to Subic.


If you are coming from Clark, take the SCTEX as well as comply with the road indications directing you to SBMA/SBFZ. The travel time is about 45 minutes, depending upon the web traffic condition.

CLARK flight terminal TO SUBIC BY routine BUS

From the airport, take a jeepney to the primary entrance entrance of the Clark Freeport Zone.

From there, trip one more jeepney to Dau-Mabalacat Bus Terminal.

Board a success liner Bus bound for Olongapo at Dau-Mabalacat Terminal.

At Olongapo Bus Terminal, take a jeepney to Subic town or SBFZ.

Travel time from Clark flight terminal to Dau terminal is about 15 minutes. You’ll get to Subic in less than an hour. overall fare depends upon the modes of transportation you choose. If you have light luggage with you, you can opt for the jeepney. It’s a less expensive option. however if you have huge as well as much more than one piece of luggage, it’s suggested to take the taxi from the flight terminal to Dau Bus Terminal. Or you can take the P2P bus service from Clark flight terminal to Olongapo.

CLARK flight terminal TO SUBIC BY P2P BUS

Timetable courtesy of success LINER
Fare: P250


According to 12Go, there are likewise shuttle buses or traveler buses available.

There are two business providing direct deliver service from Clark/Angeles City to Subic – southern cross shuttle as well as Swagman Resort.

Southern cross shuttle operates daily, while Swagman resort Bus only operates four days a week (M, W, F, Su). It is much better to reserve a slot in advance. Both have designated pick-up as well as drop-off points in Angeles as well as Subic. The fare is rather steep at P500 per person.

HOW TO get around SUBIC as well as OLONGAPO

Jeepney. The jeepney is the main mode of transportation for the locals, however it’s likewise extremely tourist-friendly. The jeepneys are color-coded per route. This way, it is simpler to identify which jeepney one ought to take going to a specific destination or point. traveler will likely utilize the Yellow, Red, as well as Blue Jeepneys. Yellow Jeepneys shuttle along the primary streets between Sta. Rita in Olongapo as well as the Subic Bay Freeport zone primary Gate. Red Jeepneys cut with the side streets between Gordon Heights as well as the SBFZ primary Gate. This jeepney serves the bus terminal in Olongapo. Blue Jeepneys run from Olongapo city center to Subic town (Barretto as well as Baloy). This path covers the coastal areas. The fare varieties from P8 to P15. If you are curious about the other routes, you can inspect it here: color Coded Jeepneys of Olongapo.
Note: If you are going to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, jeepneys are not enabled inside the premise.

Tricycle. There are a great deal of tricycles in Subic town as well as Olongapo. “Trikes” can shuttle passengers complying with a specific path they selected to anchor their plate numbers to or they can function as a taxi by providing special trips, which typically works with tourists. These special trips can cover both short as well as long-distance route. The fare can variety from P10 to P150. This includes the rate for a special trip from Olongapo Bus terminal to Barretto in the municipality of Subic. like the jeepneys, tricycles are not enabled inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. They can only go as far as the primary entrance of SBFZ.

Taxi. Unlike the jeepneys as well as tricycles, taxis are enabled inside the SBFZ. Taxis operating inside the Subic Bay Freeport zone have fixed rates as well as have a fare matrix displayed inside. Meter service is non-existent here. outside SBFZ, you can discover a considerable number of taxis in the city center, particularly around Olongapo Bus Terminal. You can just work out the fare with the driver. The fare varieties from P50 to P400.

Coasters as well as Mini-Buses. Buses (Winstar), coasters, mini-buses operate inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Their function is the exact same as jeepneys however only run inside the freeport zone. This is the less expensive choice if you don’t like taking the taxis, however according to those who have tried it, the waiting can in some cases test your patience. The terminal is found at the primary entrance as well as can shuttle passengers directly to their hotels.

THINGS TO perform in as well as around SUBIC

El Kabayo Subic Trail

Subic is sandwiched between densely forested mountains as well as Subic Bay. The mountains boast tough tracks yet to be charted. among numerous trekking sites, the El Kabayo Subic path is fairly new. Under mad Travel’s tribe as well as trip program, participants are subjected to the flora as well as fauna enveloping the path while discovering about jungle survival as well as making herbal medicine. This activity aims to assist our native tribes safeguard as well as protect their ancestral domain by educating as well as assisting us comprehend the significance of our natural heritage as well as sustainable tourism. The El Kabayo Subic path is house to the Aeta’s Pastolan Tribe. inspect out the waterfalls as well near the end of the trail.

Rates: P1,800/pax (Day Tour) This rate covers transfers within Subic, meals (lunch as well as snack), regional guides (they can interact in English too), as well as the jungle survival training. For group/corporate package, you may inquire with their e-mail address as well as get in touch with number.
Contact Information: / +63 917 713 8607
Official Website:
Location: Subic-Bataan Territory. El Kabayo Subic path pick up point at The Lighthouse Marina Resort.

Other similar Attractions: Pamulaklakin forest Trails, Jungle environmental Survival training Camp, Apaliin forest Trails

Subic Inflatable Island

Image courtesy of Klook
The house of the most significant floating unicorn in the world! Subic’s Inflatable Island is ideal for kids-at-heart. It’s a huge floating playground where you can slide, bounce, as well as swing! It’s the supreme bonding experience for good friends as well as families.

Klook provides tickets to the Inflatable Island at a discounted rate. Each ticket can provide you gain access to to Unicorn Island, Samba Beach, as well as Bali Lounge.

✅ inspect rates or RESERVE TICKET HERE!

Wreck Diving as well as Snorkeling

Subic Bay is understood for its deep calm waters. It is likewise stated to be one of the most significant naval bases of the U.S. Navy outside their motherland when it was still operational.

Beyond the rich forests as well as the coasts, Subic Bay is laden with a number of vintage shipwrecks as well as WWII remnants that are drawing wreck diving enthusiasts, regional as well as worldwide divers alike. Para sa mga mahilig sa wasakan at pilit inuungkat ang nakaraan. Haha! a few of the shipwreck sites are only around 15 minutes from the diving centers. Whether you are just starting to discover diving or already an expert, the rich marine ecosystem provides a excellent underwater adventure.

Some of the shipwrecks in Subic Bay are the USS new York, the USS Lanikai, the Oryoku Maru, as well as the Sakura Maru.

Several dive centers as well as operators are stationed around the Subic Bay area. rates vary depending upon the course, number of sessions, as well as the inclusions, however recreational wreck dive costs typically variety from P1000 to P3000 if you have your own gear as well as P1500 as well as P3800 if you’re renting gears too.

Some operators like Arizona Dive shop enable non-divers onto the boat as well as let them snorkel instead. Snorkeling charge with gear rental costs P1000 to P1200.

Rich Mangrove Forests

Mangroves flourish finest in tropical areas. The Philippines alone cradles about half of the world’s mangrove species. Mangrove forests play an essential function in preserving the balance in our ecosystem for both land as well as sea. Protecting our mangrove forests implies protecting our atmosphere as well as our future. Subic Bay has over 60 hectares of mangrove forests scattered in six different sites including the Olongapo Bay Area, Triboa Bay Area, as well as Ilanin Bay Area. Source: SBMA Ecology Center.

The many prominent site is the Triboa Mangrove Park. the very best time to go is early in the morning or at dusk during the dry season. Take note of the tide condition too. right here are the guidelines as well as policies when going to the mangrove forest sites. Please comply with them.

Respect the area as well as be extremely conscious of the atmosphere as well as your actions whatsoever times. Don’t take anything with you — plants or animals. Don’t catch the crabs as well as other crustaceans as well as don’t ever step on mangrove roots as well as other vegetation.

Move as bit as possible as well as be peaceful to prevent disturbing the wildlife. Do not play loud music.

Don’t litter. Don’t smoke. If you requirement to utilize the toilet, there are restrooms available.

For inquiries, sponsorships, donations, as well as other concerns, please get in touch with SBMA Ecology Center. If you want to report any type of violations, you may likewise direct your issue to their office.

SBMA Ecology Center
Address: Regulatory Building, Labitan street corner Rizal Highway, central company District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Contact Numbers: (047) 252 4155 / (047) 252 4435 / (047) 252 4059 / (047) 252 4656
E-mail Address:

Subic Shopping!

Of course, even abroad, Filipinos are understood to spend money on buying particularly for souvenirs, stuff they can bring house to their liked ones. The “pasalubong culture” is strongly ingrained in most, if not all, Filipino tr

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