MOVIE-THEMED dates – THE longest trip

MOVIE-THEMED dates – THE longest trip

exactly how great is curling up with the one you like as well as relaxing in front of a movie? Mrs romance as well as I do everything the time. We have, however, found a method to take your charming movie time to the next level: a movie-themed date.

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When Mrs romance very first suggested the concept of a movie-themed date, I wasn’t as well sure. however the more we explored the idea, the much better it became. If you believe about it, it’s perfect.

You’re costs time with the one you like doing fun stuff as well as you get the possibility to enjoy your movie in a totally different way.

It doesn’t have to be a movie you’ve seen before – though it can assist with planning. We hadn’t seen our film before however that didn’t matter. A quick browse on IMDb as well as we were away.

The film we based our date on was The longest Ride. It’s adapted from a book by Nicholas Sparks, who likewise composed The Notebook. I’m not usually a mushy movie type of guy however I must admit (grudgingly) that I enjoyed The Notebook.

The longest trip is about a young cowboy who falls in like with a college girl, as well as exactly how their romance is dramatically impacted by an old art collector, who they rescue from a cars and truck wreck.

It’s an simple one to watch and, despite its mushiness, I truly enjoyed the film. You can definitely feel Sparks’ influence over the movie, as well as Scott Eastwood (Clint’s son), Britt Robertson, Alan Alder, Jack Huston as well as Oona Chaplin (granddaughter to Charlie Chaplin) do a excellent job.

This film was a great deal of fun to style a date around.

Anyway, this is exactly how it works:

How to do a movie themed date

1. If it’s a film you haven’t seen before, inspect the synopsis on IMDb.

2. utilize the movie to influence you for things to do as well as locations to go.

3. buy the film on iTunes as well as download it onto your tablet.

4. enjoy your day out with your liked one.

It may take a bit of research study as well as prep, as well as believing outside the screen, however it’s worth it. truly worth it.

Our movie-themed date

The longest trip has bit of a country/cowboy feel to it so that’s the style we went with.

The ride

Sydney Horse is a horse-riding centre in Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre. Neither of us have ridden since we were kids, so the mechanical method equine they have in the stables was extremely handy to get to grips with everything again.

We then mounted up as well as took the track that runs around the lovely parklands. Mrs Romance’s horse, Molly, was an absolute sweetheart, as well as her fitness instructor Rachel was excellent too.

We both had great deals of concerns about horses as well as riding as well as Rachel explained whatever so well. The horses at Sydney equine have an fantastic connection with their trainers. It was interesting to see exactly how much Molly trusted Rachel, as well as the trip went so smoothly.

It’s about a 3.5km walk from the equestrian centre to Centennial Parklands Dining, where we had lunch reservations. Sydney equine has a variety of ride-and-dine bundles with Centennial Parklands dining you can book here.

The meal

The Centennial Parklands dining restaurant is a huge location however we were seated as well as seen to quickly. The special lunch menu for our bundle included a charcuterie platter huge sufficient for 4.

It came with sliced meat, a variety of cheeses, fruit, olives as well as a extremely moreish truffle dip.

The next program took a mercifully long time to come, however when it did, I couldn’t believe it.

Mrs Romance’s crispy skinned snapper came with a macadamia crust, crab as well as more kipfler potatoes than one person can cope with.

My gigantic Reuben sandwich defeated me as well as I had to request half of it to take away. Mind you, the container tons of deliciously coated chips may have had something to do with it.

We had to wait rather a while for dessert, which wasn’t such a poor thing. It’s most likely a great thing to understand that since of the size of this restaurant, orders do seem to find out a bit slower. Make sure you’re not on as well strict a schedule.

Apple tart tartin with vanilla ice cream occurs to be a favourite of mine as well as the kitchen area right here didn’t disappoint – though I was as well full to surface it.

We stumbled out of the restaurant to discover a shady area to sit.

The movie

We were in the perfect slow, lazy mood for the final part of our date: the movie.

Far away from everyone, we discovered a area in the park, pulled out the blanket as well as iPad as well as got comfy. We even popped a bottle of sparkling for a publish lunch tipple.

The movie was an excellent method to surface the afternoon. It was romantic, fun, fascinating as well as had a excellent bit twist at the end. We were entrusted to just a gentle walk back to humanity.

The longest trip is offered now to download in digital HD from iTunes here.

We did have plans to go to the art gallery later on to truly get the most out of the story of the film, however instead we decided on a quick mixed drink as well as home.


Top tips for a movie themed date

? preparation is key – download the movie the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning.

? Bring something comfy to sit on.

? buy a double headphone adaptor so you can plug 2 sets of headphones into the tablet.

? champagne – always champagne!

We’ll definitely be doing more movie themed dates, so watch this area for our next off-screen adventure!

You can download The longest trip in full HD now from iTunes right here.

Which film would you utilize as a style for a date? have you ever been on a themed date? tell us in the comments!

Images by Mr & Mrs Romance, and Dominic Loneragan.

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